Audio Producers Rock on Orcas Island Nov. 12-13, 2011

On November 12-13, an extraordinary group of local and international talent will offer a workshop for professional audio producers at the Outlook Inn on Orcas Island.  Audio professionals, musicians, songwriters and others passionate about creating and refining the art of sound will gather for two days of presentations, panel discussions and demos in sound engineering.

The group of Orcas Island presenters will include Garry Garritan on “Future Trends in Virtual Instrument Technology”.  Garry is a pioneer in large sample libraries and his Garritan Personal Orchestra, released in 2004, has become course material in music colleges around the world.

Jake Perine, who for over a decade taught audio and video production at the Art Institute of Seattle and who was house engineer for Seattle’s prominent RFI mastering studio before moving to Orcas, will present “Bow to the Master”, how to get the most out of the mastering process.

Kevin Dickey and Rich Williams of Burl Audio will offer “The Zen of Signal Path”, an intimate conversation about soul, tone, electrons and electromagnetic fields. Burl Audio has recently found a global audience in the analog/digital converter market and has won a coveted endorsement from Eddie Kramer who has worked with some of the best, including Led Zeppelin and Cream.

The most recent new arrival to Orcas, Craig Russo, will be hosting “Vocal Tuning with Melodyne”. Craig has been involved in music production for over 15 years and in 2009 had a Global #1 song credit for a tune he co-wrote and produced for British artist Robbie Williams. Craig will offer before and after comparisons of an alternative approach to vocal tuning.

Rounding out the local talent will be Roger Sherman who has released over 100 performances from concert halls and other venues around the world. He will bring ideas for incorporating room sound and mic techniques when producing acoustical music in live spaces.

From Canada, Drew will present “The Power of Ableton and its Place in Your World”. His Ableton Live training videos are posted by some of the largest music blogs in the world as well as Mac Pro Video.

A panel discussion on the “Northwest Legacy in Musical History” will feature Bruce Pavitt, founder of SubPop Records, Jack Endino, legendary Seattle producer of Nirvana and Soundgarten and Cathy Faulkner, Seattle’s “Queen of Rock” of radio station KISW fame.

Special room rates for the weekend are available at The Outlook Inn and, with a 2 night booking, conference admission is free. For all others, admission is $100 for the weekend.  For more information go to or call (360) 376-2200 and ask for Adam.