hail & sunshine + photo shoot + webbie webbie website

Adam and I were having coffee at Enzo's this morning and looked out the window to find hail boucing off the cars outside.  It didn't last long and the sun came out just in time to bathe the New Leaf Cafe dining room in bright white sunshine for our photo shoot with Nate Feder.  When I began designing the "About Us" page for this website I realized we had so few pictures of Adam and I together, so today we sat and smiled and tried to get a good shot.  Modeling is hard work!   What do you think?

It's not the final shot, but I thought it was a cutie.  More to come...and perhaps some new photos of things around Orcas.  For now I'll leave you with this quick shot we grabbed at the end of the shoot with Chef Steve Debaste and General Manager Jon Kobayashi...what a happy bunch!