New art to the New Leaf Cafe : heartfelt thanks to Crow Valley Pottery

Do you remember Christmas morning as a kid?  The anticipation you felt knowing something wonderful was going to happen in the morning and then the sheer joy coming down the stairs to see stockings full with surprises and the tree laden in gifts.  It's magical right?  Well yesterday I got the adult version of Christmas morning.  Crow Valey Pottery owners Michael Rivkin and Jeffri Coleman came by in the afternoon and while I slogged through paperwork at my desk and rain came down outside, they infused new energy and life into the New Leaf Cafe.  They brought from their remarkable inventory new pieces of art, pottery, and woodwork, spent a few hours tinkering, and viola, the space feels like it just got a hot new outfit and it's ready for a date (with YOU of course).  We are so grateful!  My pictures really don't do the art justice, you must come see yourself.

We have linocuts from artist Natalia Moroz, oils (like the one above of fresh oysters and lemons) from Robin Lassen and David Ridgway, charming pencil drawings by Christopher Cook just to name a few.  The overall feeling is fresh and evokes the carefree days for summer.   All of the pieces (along with many more at their two store locations on Orcas Island) are for sale.

I know it's spring, but as an adult, Santa can come during any season.

For more information on Crow Valley Pottery, visit thier website or next time you are on the island visit their store next to Darvill's Bookstore here in Eastsound, or the Cottage in Crow Valley.