Are vacations hard?

We look forward to these special times with family and friends for weeks and months, sometimes even years.  For our family we hadn't been away from Orcas Island and the Inn for more than a few nights since 2009 when we visited our sister hotel in Phuket, Thailand.  So when we were invited to San Diego for 4 nights to relax with no agenda but fun, we couldn't wait to catch the ferry out of here and feel that warm California sun.

When we travel we love to see what other hotels and restaurants are doing, it's kind of our thing, but what I was most aware of this trip was what it felt like to be a guest.  My passion is creating a nurturing and beautiful experience for the travelers that come to Orcas Island and stay at the Inn.  What I found is that it's not always easy to be a traveler.

You'd think that once you were free of the cleaning the  cat box, going to work, packing lunches for school, rushing here and there, your mood would instantly be elevated.  And it would stay like that for the entire vacation.  Just because.  Right?  Well,  it's easier said than done, this relaxing business.  I had a hard time getting my mind into vacation mode.  This transition from my day to day life to the carefree pace of vacation mode was a constant practice for me.

 "Remember....relax, have fun, there is no need to rush.  It's right here.  Happening now.  This is it!" I kept reminding myself.

And moment by moment it worked.  I spent the morning walking downtown with my five year old daughter and we stopped to pick up every rock, pinecone, shiny penny, and miscellaneous (and probably very dirty) piece of treasure we found.  I got lost in her world, where the only rush is the skip to the ice cream shop so we can leisurely nibble our way through two scoops.  She knows about relaxing.

I came home with the same refrain still ringing in my head.  "This is it!"  Because why is so different really, my mindset at home or on vacation.  We don't go any faster because we are worried about rushing.  We don't get anything more accomplished because we are worried about what we have to do.  And if I could relax I'd just do it at home, but sometimes I need travel to unlock the magic of the moment and bring me back to myself.

So when you've traveled long (or short with many inconveniences) and you arrive at the Outlook Inn, I hope we can ease you into vacation mode by providing a relaxing and beautiful space, and the kind of service that reminds you that "It's right here.  Happening now.  Remember....relax, have fun, there is no need to rush.  This is it!"

Hope to see you soon at the Inn and let us know if you need directions to the ice cream shop.