Solistice Celebaration Orcas Island Style

 Here comes the sun!  That seems to be the theme around here.  Early strawberries are soaking in the sun and turning a delicious red, shoulders are appearing white and wintry from long sleeves, and sandles, well we're trying not to wear them with socks so much (it's Orcas Island after all and this fashion crime happens year round).

The culmination of our sundance happens every year during the annual Solstice Parade.  Dancing flower pots, the Oddfellows band, kids on bikes, a wandering 20 foot dragon and a giant earth ball carried by a big huggie ghost (how to describe this costume...) are regular appearances.  It is full of jubilant faces, community creativity, and the heartfelt thanks that we made it through another winter to be reborn into the sun.  And if you live in the Pacific Northwest you know this really does feel like an accomplishment.

The theme this year is "Around the World" and the Parade is on June 18 at 12:00 NOON in Eastsound.  Parking can be tricky for this event (but you don't have to worry about it if you are staying at the Inn, just walk on over). 

Enjoy this video from the 2008 parade and find out more at there website.