Where is Orcas Island?

We get this question all the time, especially when our to number was freakishly close to an online business called Reservation Rewards (their new number is 1-800-732-7031 in case you are still dealing with those pesky recurring charges) and people had no idea what the Outlook Inn was.  But really…are we in San Juan, Puerto Rico?  Are we in Canada?  No, but close.  Orcas Island is located in the San Juan Archipeligo in Washington State. Orcas Island can be reached via the Washington State Ferry system departing from Anacortes, Washington, just 2 hours north of Seattle or 2 hours south of Vancouver, Canada. 

Air service to the island is provided by San Juan Airlines and Kenmore Air.  San Juan Airlines departs from both Bellingham Airport and Boeing Field in Seattle and provides a transfer shuttle from Sea-Tac Airport.  Kenmore Air provides daily flights between Seattle and seven locations in the three locations on Orcas Island on both seaplanes and wheeled aircraft.   

Orcas Island is a horseshoe shaped island of fertile verdant valleys, narrow fjord like harbors, and steep emerald mountains the highest, Mount Constitution in Moran State Park, reaching at 2409 feet above sea level.  Dotted along the shoreline and tucked amongst the trees are the varied dwellings, hotels, homesteads, and experiements in island archetechure that house the approximately 5500 residents.

Curious?  Come see for yourself!  We'd love to have you.