It's a family affair! Running the business with family...

The Outlook Inn and New Leaf Cafe are truly a family business.  We like to think we are charting a new course for this type of business, but it still can have it's bumps and challenges.  So who is the "family" in family business?  Here's the cast of characters, ala the children's book by Tove Jonasson "Finn Family Moomintroll" which are my daughters recent obsession.

Outlook Mama:  Sara  Farish.  That's me!  I married into this business in 2000 and have been working here since 2001.  I coddle, prod, (but never cattle prod), encourage, and learn from this constantly changing and evolving team.  I'm the softie of the bunch...and can often be found wiping tears and giving pep talks.  I have also been known to invoke the "No Asshole Policy" when pushed too far (more on this another time).

The Head Honcho: Adam Farish.  That's my husband.  He's been working and living in this business since he was a child.  Officiando of detail, financial seer, and the guy who created our incredible signature cocktails while repainting the buiding, producing an album, and being an all around fantastic husband and father.  Bravo!

Gramcracker: That's my mom.  She can be found in the dining room greeting our guests, scolding the bussers, and generally running a tip top ship.  She also makes sure that the plants don't dry up and die and helps Adam and I care for our daughter.  She can also make a mean latte.  This is a busy woman!

The GM:  Jon Kobayashi.  My brother-in-law, married to my older sister Adina.  They have three children, Sophia 9, and the twins Sachiko and Josh 5.  Jon can be found all around.  In retro Nike sneackers and jeans, the only man on the island under 50 who owns a collared shirt (and it's ironed) and actually wears it, he used to be a litigator and joined our team 3 years ago.  He's the guy who books our weddings and events, oversees day to day operations, and obsesses about food, art, and jazz music.

Grandpabello:  John Cunningham.  My dad.  Night watchman, maintenace engineer, non-violent communication specialist.  Sometimes night maintenance engineer who is practicing the art of non-violent communication.