T-shirts, meditation and birthday cake

Do you remember what you wished for on your 6th birthday?  16th?  34th?  I do. 

Bicycle.  Boyfriend.  Nothing.  Wait, what?  Nothing? 

Yes, you read that right: nothing.  I read a little book full of pearly wisdom called the Joy Diet by Martha Beck last September, and when my birthday came around I dedicated myself to a 15 minute a day practice of "nothing". 

Beck descibes doing "nothing" as "vacating your life" for a period of time every day.  Not vacating like eating a bag of potato chips while watching reality t.v., she means vacating the worries, the highs and lows, and all the thoughts about the worries, highs and lows.  For me it meant touching the place inside where everything was okay.  Period.  With everything.  Things at work became easier, decisions literally made themselves (in a good way), and I felt a lot better.  The diet worked; joy was happening.

But eventually I got bored doing "nothing".   Which means I actually stopped doing "nothing".

I'd sit down for nothing and start to think of something. And then something else. And then I'd be off on a wild goose chase of how I needed to buy shampoo but was the salon open today and would I have time before my meeting, and it couldn't be the kind that made my curls sag and what about the comb I was using, could that be making the curls less than perky and speaking of sagging, I need to get to the gym, but I haven't been in so long...and on and on it goes. Sound familiar?

I needed help and like any busy, savvy young lady miles from a new age bookstore, I turned to iTunes where I found the Chopra Center's David Ji teaching basic meditation via podcast.  Awesome.  I spent every morning with his voice piped into my ears for two solid months.  And his teachings became an anchor in my daily life.

So what does this have to do with birthday wishes? It's my birthday today and I'm wishing for the confidence to bring a big dream into reality. That dream involves my 15 minutes a day of nothing and David Ji and a thirst that so many of us feel for more meaning in the world. 

Our vision is to create a Center for spiritual seekers and teachers to experience a deeper sense of meaning and connection in the world.  While I wish for the confidence to bring this dream into reality (including the construction of a breakthtaking waterfront event center on the Inn's property), I am also honored to tell you about a live event, May 17-20, 2013, at the Outlook Inn featuring spiritual teachers David Ji, Lead Educator at the Chopra Center, Claudette Bouchard, the "nanny of the soul", and Geoff Fitch, Founder and CEO of Pacific Integral. 

This is exactly the type of event that you will be seeing more of at the Outlook Inn- one that fosters meaningful conversations, increased skills and confidence to navigate an ever more complex and beautiful world, and access to world renowned teachers, all in an intimate, beautiful, natural setting.

Happy Birthday to me.  I am so excited to share this opportunity with you to come and learn with these teachers right here on Orcas Island.

For more information please contact www.sunadaspiritualproductions.com.  This event is produced independantly from the hotel and all booking and information are available from Sunada Spiritual Productions website.

Does it look like I made them be in these pictures? You're right, I did. That's Jon Kobayashi our General Manager, and the fantastic Selena Gerace, our Front Desk Manager. Thank you botNow what about those t-shirts?  It's too close to Christmas and too exciting not to share.  Artist Jessica Lynch of Slow Loris on neighboring Guemes Island drew an iconic image of the Outlook Inn to grace the first printing of a Outlook Inn t-shirt in 15 years (that's kind of pathetic, I know) and now they are available to make you look 20 pounds lighter, 5 years younger, and 75% smarter.  Or at least stylishly smug because you're wearing a very attractive t-shirt.

You can order one or many by calling the front desk at (360) 376-2200.  We have mens sizes S-XL $18, kids S-XL $15, and women's S-XL $18.  The women's T has a feminine scooped neckline which makes even me (who generally doesn't wear t-shirts) love these shirts.  I look great doing "nothing" in them.

So eat some birthday cake, do some "nothing", and make a wish of your own.