5 Creative Acts to Recharge on Vacation (or in life)

I lost my mojo.  Too tired, too busy.  Too many emails to answer, phone calls to make, meals to cook and honestly an episode of "Downton Abbey" is just easier than getting out my sewing machine and fabric and playing in the realm of my creativity.

If you've been busy with your job and your family and, and, and...then you might be saying "But what can I do?"  These are five of my favorite ways to reconnect to the well of energy and fun inside myself.

  1. Knitting...Grandmas do it, hipsters do it, your can do it at the beach, on the ferry, in the car.  It provides a fantastic outlet for those "gotta do something productive" hands.  You might not even realize you are relaxing and creating something beautiful (or odd as is sometimes the case).  There isn't a knitting shop on the island but there are a few on your way from I-5 if you are driving to catch the Anacortes Ferry.  WildFibers is one of my favorites in Mount Vernon (located right off I-5 at exit 226) for finding luxurious yarns and really cute patterns.  Ana-Cross Stitch in Anacortes is another favorite and is a great place to spend some if you arrive with plenty of time to spare before your ferry.  If you are new to knitting, this website it a great resource to learn.
  2. Sketch the life you dream...Bring along a sketchbook or just grab a handful of paper from your printer before you leave the office.  I took an afternoon workshop with Patti Dobrowolski and rediscovered my childhood love of sketching.  Patti teaches a process using very rudimentary drawing skills that we all have to "draw our future" and tap into our creative potential.  Check out her TED talk and pick up a copy of her book for "Drawing Solutions" for simple instructions to add some strategic soul planning into your creativie expression. 
  3. Buy a box of thank you card...and start writing.  Creative you might ask?  Why yes it is.  Saying "Thank you" can unlease a well of energy and joy.  The creative part is thinking of the numerous ways that people close to you and not so close to you have had a postiive impact on you.  Write a thank you card to your mom or dentist.  Grandmas, husbands, wives and children also love to get thank you cards.
  4. Sing...and I do mean just sing. Sing along to your favorite song, sing in the bathtub, sing alone and with friends.  My husband Adam is a musician and he has been meeting weekly with a group of friends to sing together.  A beautiful project was born out of this creative space and you can read more about that here.
  5. Dance...You don't need anything but yourself but it can get even juicier to dance with a friend or lover.  Put on your favorite slow oldie or a current teen pop favorite and let yourself go.

Creative expression can get lost in the hustle of familly, work and the many obligations we think we need to give our precious time and energy to.  And sometimes it seems like that creative place is so far away that even if we had the time, we're terrified what we would do with it.

The good news is that creativity never goes away.  Creativity may get blocked like a cosmic telemerketer hearing a busy signal on your phone but it'll just keep calling and you can pick up any time.  Vacation is one of the best times to dive into the the relaxed, excited, dare I say juicy arena of creativity.

So be brave and bold.  Turn off Downton Abbey (for now).  We're like Pacific Northwest lilies growing in Moran State Park.  Creativity is our sunshine -  small splashes, dappled arcs and big doses in the summer make us beautiful year round.

How will you be creative on your vacation or in life?  I'm off to get my mojo back sewing some new school clothes for my daughter...hopefully she'll want to wear them!

With love,