Picnic Island : Orcas Island, Washington

Anyone know what a tombolo is?  Well it's quite nifty and we have one of our very own leading from the beach in front of the Inn to the little island that lies in front of it.  A tombolo is "a is a deposition landform in which an island is attached to the mainland by a narrow piece of land such as a spit or bar" (thank you wikipedia).  Our little tombolo is made of clam, oyster, and other shells and has a distinctive color variation from the beach.


This magical sand bridge that opens up at low tide is lots of fun with kids and yesterday as the sun shown in a truly spring like fashion, my five year old daughter Kiyomi and I grabbed a picnic and our rubber boots and went out to the island.  The Canadian geese are nesting on the island and we were surprised as we came along the path to find a nest with eight unhatched eggs, waiting for a warm mama to return.  We kept off the island after that, afraid we may have scared the mother goose away.   Exploring the edge of the island there were still many exciting discoveries, including orange and purple starfish clinging to the rocks and clams squrting all along the tombolo.  Orcas Island is so full of these incredible opportunities to be in nature, and they are made that much more magical when seen through the eyes of a child.  It's just steps from the front door of the Outlook Inn...and it's been too long since I enjoyed it.