Getting to Orcas Island is Half The Fun (Video)

This fun video by our Orcas Island Chamber of Commerce and Rock Island Media gives you a glimpse of what it’s like to take a sea plane to Orcas island, or catch a ferry or charter a boat through the San Juan Islands. There are so many wonderful ways to get to our island, and all of them are adventurous!

If you are arriving by ferry, please remember that reservations should be made far in advance. However, don’t panic if this fact escaped you—you wouldn’t be the first! The ferries release the first 30% of available reservation spots two months prior to the sailing date, then another 2 weeks before that date, then the last 30% of available reservations 2 days prior to any sail date, starting at 7am. They also reserve 10% for standby. Reservation holders must be through the ticket booth 30 minutes before sail time. Please keep in mind that there is often a long line to get through the ticket booth in the summer. Visitors may park their car and walk down to the ferry store for food and drink before the ferry loads. You do not need a reservation if you are walking onto the ferry.