Founded by settlers in 1888, revived by hippies in the 1960's, and refined by lovers in the 2000's.


The Outlook Inn has a rich and colorful history on Orcas Island.  It's presently owned by the Farish Family and operated by Sara Farish.  She's one of those lovers, of kind and interesting people, of beautiful objects handcrafted by artisans or nature, and restful pauses on long walks up steep hills.  It's her vision to welcome you to the Inn and help you experience some of the peace and calm that she experiences every day living on Orcas Island, the gem of the San Juan Islands.

At the Inn you will be cared for by her loyal team of islanders, made up of the most passionate, creative, hard-working people you’ll ever meet in the hospitality industry.

The pond at Sara’s Garden, Outlook Inn

The pond at Sara’s Garden, Outlook Inn

Welcome. I'm Sara Farish.

My goal is to share comfort, beauty and deep rest in this busy world.  I want to help you get the most out of your trip to Orcas Island—the most value, the best food, the best new you returning to the life you live when you're not on vacation.

So what does that mean?

Let me explain.  Comfort is more than a cozy bed, just as deep rest is so much more than a good night’s sleep and a few days off of work.  And beauty... it's mind blowing. 

We're not talking about magazine beauty, we're talking about beauty that inspires, uplifts, and renews you just by being in its presence.  You'll find it in the stunning view, the miles of pristine trails for hiking (and contemplation), and in your own reflection off the deep blue sea.

Deep rest provides the fuel for your deepest dreams, the ability to be completely present with loved ones, the energy to charge ahead on the project that keeps you awake at night giddy with excitement, the space to connect to your inner voice.

I know what it's like to juggle family life, a business, and my own creative yearnings.  We've created a place to share comfort, beauty and rest in a busy world, so that you can keep living the rich life you love.

The Outlook Inn is a combination of mom and pop old time Inn, sophisticated foodie haven, and an art project with layers and layers that keep revealing something more beautiful than what was there before.  Comfort, beauty, rest.

We're a hotel, but we don't sell rooms, we offer an experience of Orcas Island culture.

We share access to a time gone by.  A simpler, gentler, quieter time.  We want to provide value and resources even if you don't stay or eat with us.  You can subscribe to our mailing list to get free updates and information, including special offers, discounts, and tips on activities to experience on the island.

In fact, we are known for delivering incredibly friendly and caring service, both in our restaurant (New Leaf Cafe) and the hotel and to people who just wander in off the street.  Why?  Because we LOVE people and we are able to do this because our team is committed to you and your experience. Whether you choose one of our inn rooms in the Main Building or a Luxury Suite, or one of our newest Water’s Edge suites, we are committed to providing you with a taste of the best Orcas Island and the San Juan Islands has to offer.

We don't claim to be the perfect hotel or restaurant and we've made our share of mistakes.  We don't offer the same list of amenities you might find at a big mega-chain hotel, but you can expect a genuine desire to please you and nurture you for the life of our relationship, and if you are like most of our guests, you'll be back year after year.

How on earth did two 23 year olds end up with a 40 room hotel, restaurant and bar?

We were young and fancy free in Santa Cruz, California.  It was just 9 months after our wedding beneath a rainbow and mist-filled Orcas sky and we were making house and having fun.  My husband Adam worked for a dotcom start-up during the week and flew around the country as a live performance artist on the weekends.  I went to Cabrillo College as an English major and worked in a women's lingerie shop part-time.

So many lives changed on September 11, 2001.  9/11 brought the downfall of my husbands' dotcom start-up, and as employees left the building with office furniture and computers to compensate for the hours they would never be paid for, we looked at our life and decided to step back in time to the island of both of our childhoods.  The memory of the view from the front door of the Inn called us home when the world was turned upside down.  Peace, tranquility, safety.  Quality of life. Within the month, we had decided to move back to Orcas Island and assume our roles as the next generation of a struggling family business.  We were just 23 years old.  We knew almost nothing about business.

I was just a kid with a HUGE opportunity.  Together, Adam and I created a serene place for thousands of people to experience deep rest on Orcas Island.  Each year it is our goal to improve how we deliver this experience.

Whatever life might bring, whatever change in the world, the Outlook Inn offers refuge from all kinds of catastrophes, big or small, celebrates every possible milestone, and evokes memories of a world that is safe and peaceful.

A return to a slower, safer, simpler time.  A time that always exists, right here on Orcas.

I look forward to welcoming you at the Inn.



Team Members

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Jolene Hoffman
Front of the House Manager and Special Event Coordinator

OUTLOOKINN (227 of 279).jpg

Rachel Barron
Sous Chef

OUTLOOKINN (225 of 279).jpg

Ben Niver

Breakfast Visionary

OUTLOOKINN (230 of 279).jpg

Rich Horton
Master of Finance, Spreadsheet and Human Resources

OUTLOOKINN (220 of 279).jpg

Steve Debaste
Executive Chef

Patrick Sanders - Maintenance King

Patrick Sanders
Maintenance King

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Katy Whitley
Front Desk Manager and Executive Assistant to Sara Farish

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Steve Baker
Bar Manager

Kevin King - Banquet Chef

Kevin King
Event Chef



Located at the heart of the island, in the charming town of Eastsound, the Outlook Inn is within walking distance to flaky, buttery, croissants, delicious espresso, great shopping, galleries, and right across the street from a tidal beach and walk out island.  Did I mention the easy jaunt to ice cream and our seasonal Farmers Market?

Phone:  (360) 376-2200


171 Main Street

PO BOX 210

Eastsound, WA98245